You Might Catch Her Eye, But Can You Catch Her Heart?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s only common for us single people to think about the dating game, love, possible marriage, etc. While it does not bother me that I’m single on Valentine’s Day, of course I do…

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How to Stop Being Jealous

How to Stop Being Jealous Jealousy is the biggest parasite that eats away relationships all the time. It’s yuck. It drains. It blames. It sucks every bit of life from one or both partners and well, it’s just got to…

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How to Attract Healthy Love Into Your life

If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship, you know the pain and suffering that can occur for both partners. I mean, toxicity can take hold and cause years and years of negative symptoms like fear, anger, jealousy, control, and…

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Hey Codependent: Arm Yourself With Detachment

If you struggle with codependent characteristics, then detachment is a key area you ought to get familiar with. Detach from what? Reality? People you love? Well, for me it was both at times, as when I was in the midst…

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Divorced and Depressed? It’s Time To Get Happy

Most people who go through a divorce experience a good bit of stress, anxiety, and a host of other negative emotions.  In fact, divorce is so stressful that it places second in the stressful life event categories, preceded by death…

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Insecurity and Codependency: Break the Link

If you are struggling with a codependent relationship, chances are you are struggling with insecurity. The two just go hand in hand.  You insecurity could stem from childhood situations in which you were abandoned, abused, or neglected.  As such, this…

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End Codependency: Simply Be You

It sounds simple, right? Just be you. If it were though, we wouldn’t have so many people wearing masks now would we?  Speaking of masks, I wore one for a very long time. Years. It is such a good feeling…

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Life Quotes And Sayings

Why I Stayed In A Toxic Relationship and How I Got Out

Codependency. It is simply a disease from hell.  Defined as an unhealthy attachment to another person, this disease snuck up on me and caused a whole lot of pain for me and others.  Thankfully, those years are over and the…

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Are You Trying to Rescue Your Partner?

Helping others is great. I admonish everyone to be thoughtful and helpful, but for those inclined to act out on codependency characteristics, it is important to watch yourself here. After all, codependent people tend to get too much of their…

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Grow Your Self-Worth and Leave Your Relationship

When you are in a toxic relationship, chances are you are unhappy more than you are happy.  The toxicity impacts just about every area of your life. When I was struggling with codependency, my emotional life was a roller coaster…

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